SC OLTEANU-IGNATOVICI SRL is a private company, founded in 1991, having two main activities:

1- iron and cast steel foundry

2- machining finished products, out of castings or rolled steel cropped (oxy-acetylene or plasma) semi-products

The company started its activity by repairing automotive engine parts in a small work-shop with just 3 employees and few second-hand machining equipment. This activity is still maintained to the present and represents 3% of our current work.

Since 2002 the company evolved to manufacturing iron and cast steel (initially there were produced spare parts for agriculture machineries) and began extending the production area with CNC machining.

From 2005 Olteanu-Ignatovici has been certified ISO9001.

In 2007 there were installed two induction furnaces of 0,5 tons each. After that, in 2009, a new molding line was installed (using NO-BAKE technology, that ensures better quality for castings).

The production has diversified to the following industrial areas:

- spare parts for agricultural machines

- parts for electrical motors industry

- parts for electric generators industry

- parts for hydraulic industry

- parts for railway industry

The company seeks to improve the base production, keeping a high level of quality in order to satisfy our customers requirements from Romania and the European Union. Every year there are made new investments in equipment, facilities and human resources, currently the company counting over 80 employees.



S.C. Olteanu-Ignatovici S.R.L.

Aleea 3 Drumul Apelor, Nr. 11
Craiova, Dolj, Romania

Tel/Fax: +40251/435509

E-mail: contact@olteanu-ignatovici.ro

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